Retiring in Delaware Pros & Cons :Is it All About Laughter, Love, & Wrinkles

Written By Emma Johnson

Have you ever wondered what our old folks need after their noteworthy retirement? Old age homes? Well, NO. Everybody has plans they want to execute with their loved ones after they tear off pain & wrinkles in their late 60s. But not everybody is a Kardashian. We need financial assistance, better investment plans, and amenities in taxes and healthcare. If the region is minimal, and luxurious, with good attractions like beaches, & museums, away from the hustle & bustle of city life, and annoying people then that’s the icing on the cake. 

Despite being one of the smallest states in the United States, Delaware hosts great cities like Wilmington, New Castle, & Lewes. It offers great accommodations to retirees, with great attractions like beaches, museums, & day-light boardwalks. It hosts approximately a population of more than 1 million people, over the age of 66. Delaware compresses itself into a relatively peaceful, & relaxed destination for retirees looking for a much sublime pace of life. The state offers no sales tax policy, low taxes on properties, & well-maintained healthcare amenities for retirees, (which are further in due discussion).

But shall you plan some of your most vulnerable days as an individual in Delaware? Is it a great place to retire from responsibilities? Let’s look out for the pros, & cons of retiring in Delaware.

1. Highlight: Pros and Cons

No Sales Tax – In Delaware, shoppers need to pay only the listed price

Healthcare: Delaware healthcare: is so good, that it might cost you an arm, a leg, and (possibly a good insurance)
No Property Tax- Delaware is known for its low property taxes, the lowest in the nation.
No inheritance tax – Delaware keeps your wallet happy, as it skips the bite of taxes
Affordable housing – Affordable housing can be tricky, in tax paradise. But DSHA has your backLimited public transportation: A state so small, it despises public transportation
Cultural activities- Tiny Delaware bursts with cultural gems: art museums, historic towns, and beachy escapesState size, & urbanization Delaware: a state so small (but with high state prices)
Climate of Delaware- Delaware enjoys a temperate climate with warm, summers and mild winters.Population
Great if you need a favour,(bad if you need a secret)
Community support- Everybody has got your back! how you will always enjoy in DelawareDistance from other states
A heritage is always far away! 

2. Discover the advantages of retirement in Delaware:

2.1 Discover the Tax benefit of moving to Delaware:

Delaware is widely recognized as one of the most tax-friendly states in The United States. It offers several amenities, and benefits that can significantly reduce your expenses and financial burden.

  • No Sales Tax: Delaware is one of just five states that amends the exemption of sales tax to their citizens, which means you save a little above penny, & dollar on everyday expenses.
  • Low property taxes: property taxes in Delaware are generally lower than the national average. However, the taxes can vary depending on the location of the state.
  • Retirement income deduction: Retirees aged 60 and older can exclude up to $12,500 of qualified retirement income, such as 401(k) and IRA withdrawals, from their state taxable income.
  • No inheritance tax: Delaware has no inheritance or estate tax, which means no trouble with high maintenance taxation costs for your heirs.

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2.1.1 Taxes on retirement income:

In Delaware, Age isn’t just another number, because the deduction of income varies on the age of taxpayers. For taxpayers below the age of 60 years old, the deduction is $2000 per person. For taxpayers above the age of 60 years or older, the deduction is $12,500 per person.

Again, as said earlier the deduction varies on the combined total of all retirement incomes from pensions and retirement accounts like a 401(k) or IRA. If an individual is 60 or older and has $12,500 or less in income from multiple sources, then you will not pay income tax on them.

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2.1.2 Other taxes to consider:

Delaware’s state income taxes are significantly low, & are based on seven tax brackets, with the minimum income tax scaling at 6.60 per cent and applying incomes of more than $60,000. Even social security isn’t taxable in Delaware as a part of an individual’s income. The standard deduction amounts up to $6,500 for a couple filing jointly or $3,250 for any other filers. If you’re a filer above 65 or older you can claim an additional $2,500 in deduction.

Delaware taxable income DelawareRate

State sales taxNone6.8%6.0%6.97%8.49%
Income tax rangeLow 2.2%High 6.6%NoneLow: 2.0%High: 5.75%Low: 1.4%High: 8.9%Low: 4.0%High: 8.8%
No social security tax
No special treatment for other retirement income
Property tax breaks for seniors
No tax inheritance, & estates

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2.2 Delaware’s affordable housing, & accommodation Market: Insights & options:

2.1. Southern Meadow:

Price range: $100k-$100k

View of Southern Meadow to Retiring in Delaware
Southern Meadow

Southern Meadow is located in Magnolia, it is a 10-minute drive from the state capital Dover, & 30 minutes from the beach. It has full-time activities to keep the retirees entertained for an active retirement. The community hosts a gym with plenty of types of equipment for exercise, a clubhouse or a hobby room.

The warming community is also a land-lease community, meaning you own the home but not the land it is built on. You can choose from six different models of homes, you can be creative and be your developer.

Crossings at Cristiana
Crossings at Cristiana

2.2. Crossings at Cristiana:

Price range: $100k-$200k

Crossings at Cristiana uphold the warmth of older neighborhoods as the homes are located on cul-de-sacs or tree-lined streets. Houses range from 1,575 to 1,925 square feet and have two bedrooms, two or three bathrooms, and a one-car garage attached. Some homes host walk-in closets, while others offer a modern kitchen with hi-tech appliances.

There are multiple attractions outside the home. There is a clubhouse with an exercise room and a banquet room for meetings. There are also walking and biking trails, plus a pond and a park for you craving some fresh air. One of the most unique things about this location is, that you’ve to never worry about home upkeep ever again. Lawn care, snow removal, and trash pickup are all covered by homeowners association fees.

2.3. Cedar Bay:

Price range: $200k-$200k

Delaware Beach retirement
Delaware Beach retirement

Cedar Bay has possible attractions of outlet malls, & urban architecture. Developed between 2005 and 2006, it is a condo community that gives residents a feeling of a minimal, & low maintenance lifestyle that so many old folks desire. It’s located right on Delaware Route 1 with an ocean view, so it offers suite access to beaches, & other sand attractions. For seasons of love, like winter, & spring it offers urban malls and mall broadwalks. For seasons of desire, like summer, Cedar Bay offers outdoor pools for cooling off in excruciating summer heat.

By paying small homeowners association fees, you can enjoy the services of lawn upkeep, and high maintenance. With these exclusive amenities, it offers 1000-1500 square feet of houses, either two or three bathrooms, fireplaces, high ceilings, granite countertops, gas fireplaces, & an outdoor balcony, or a porch.

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2.4. Spring Meadow:

Price range: $200k – $300k

 Spring Meadow retirement delaware
Spring Meadow

A heaven for all the golfers, the community of Spring Meadow offers their services only three minutes away from the Garrison Lake golf course. For the non-golfer folks, it offers exclusive adventurous excursions like mountain resorts, & beaches. At the community though, there is a lot to do. It hosts fitness centers, & clubs with yoga centers and juice bars. Plenty of spaces for meet-ups in amphitheaters, billiards lounges, card rooms, and studios for doing arts, & crafts.

For extroverts, there are heated pools to offer for a nice dive after an exhaustive session of gym and bike riding. It pleasantly offers bocce and shuffleboard courts, too.

Wilkinson Builders constructed spring meadows between 2006 to 2014. It has both single-family and double-family homes with eight different home plans. The first floor features nine-foot ceilings.

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2.5. Longacre Village:

Price range: $200k-$300k

 Longacre Village view delaware
Longacre Village

Located in the mainland heart of the capital, Dover, Longacre Village has a prime location in the woods. It’s near to medical facilities as well as parks, & suburbs to refresh yourself. The community has a resort-style pool with a deck for relaxing with friends.

Ponds are available for those who want to relax in nature on an exhausting afternoon, it also offers a grilling area for making some grub. For fitness freaks, it has gyms and regular exercise equipment. You can head to the community room to meet, & greet new people too.

Built between 2006 and 2016 by K. Hovnanian, the variety of floor plans in the development has been exceptional in the range from 1,200 square feet to just under 3,000. The prices in the community are low-end, as they will charge minimal monthly due payments for lawn upkeep, & snow removal.

But make sure to look at property taxes when you’re planning.

Heritage Shores retirement
Heritage Shores

2.6. Heritage Shores:

Price range: $200k-$400k

Built as a pedestal, Heritage Shores is a Bridgeville golf community that has an 18-hole championship designed by Arthur Hills right at the premises. With homes ranging from 1,297 to 2,807, the community offers both single-family homes and attached units. The development of the community began in 2004, and since then multiple builders have contributed to the construction. The major builder is now the providence of Brookfield. Builders provide models like 2, or 3 bedrooms, two to three-and-a-half attached bathrooms and attached garages. Ryan Holmes is also building some units, which range up to 2,152 square feet and have as many as four bedrooms.

There are more than four ponds located outside of the community, as well as an aquatic, and fitness center and four tennis courts. As the name suggests it is a Heritage to your lifestyle as it also has several clubs available in subjects like cards, billiards, bible study, military veterans, & photography.

2.7. Noble’s Pond:

Price range: $200k-$500k

Noble’s Pond retirement delaware
Noble’s Pond

The development of Noble’s Pond began in 2007, and it is still enhancing for further development, so you can either purchase a new site or a previously old one. The Dover community is 45 minutes away from the coast and is designed to lure feelings of classic 50’s & 80’s.

Single-family and carriage homes are available, and houses range in size from 1,150 to 1,428 square feet. Houses feature luxury bathrooms and optimal walk-in closets. It also features 28,000 square-foot clubhouse. With a 320+ ballroom full of amenities like a fireplace, a putting green, a bocce court, & shuffleboard, which could be efficient for parties, gatherings, and meetings. 

The community also hosts billiards, and card room, a fitness center, a learning center, a gourmet kitchen, and a natural walking trail.

2.8. Four Seasons at Silver Maple:

Silver Maple Retiring in Delaware
Silver Maple

Price range: $300k-$500k

If you are looking for a moment of vacuum from all the hustle and bustle of city life, and all the annoying people, then welcome to yourself at Silver Maple. Four Seasons at Silver Maple is a rural adult community in Middleton, the community gets its name from Silver Maple trees that are near the boundary premises which are probably more than 100 years old.

Properties are generally between 1,250 and 2,569 square feet and can be expanded between 5,000 square feet. The community offers exclusive minimal luxuries like a game room, fitness studios, a movie theatre, a tennis court, a bocce ball court, and horseshoe pits. You can even grow your delicious vegetables. 

Your association fees cover lawn mowing, snow removal services, & even mulching of floral beds.

Heritage Creek Retiring in Delaware
Heritage Creek

2.9. Heritage Creek:

Price range: $300k-$500k

As the name suggests, Heritage Creek offers Victorian-style homes developed and started by the Schell Brothers, the Milton community is currently finished by Fernmoor Homes. There are both single-family homes and duplexes available, and home sizes are available from 1,459 to 2,854 square feet. Houses offer a full basement and natural gas.

There is a 3,500 square feet clubhouse with a pool with lap lanes which your minion grandkids can enjoy during their holidays. There are plenty of biking trails, and walking trails to let you exercise outdoors.

Nassau’s Grove  Retiring in Delaware
Nassau’s Grove

2.10. Nassau’s Grove:

Groves are general gatekeepers of each other, they are private and secure. As the name suggests Nassau Groves are a gated community in Lewes.  The community designed by K. Hovnanian is made up of single-family homes with condo-style ownership. There are eight different home models available for resale ranging from 1,360 to 2,420 square feet, all with first-floor master suites.

Activities on the schedule at Nassau Groves include mahjongg, yoga, game nights, poker, book clubs and happy hours. In the summer, there is water aerobics and drinks at the tiki hut. Amenities include a fitness centre, walking and biking trails, bocce ball courts, tennis courts, volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and even a playground for little visitors.

2.11. Bishop’s Landing:

Price range: $300k-$600k

Bishop’s Landing  Retiring in Delaware
Bishop’s Landing

The construction of Bishop Landing was started in 2013 by Beazer Homes.

The development is still underway, so it offers both the new, and developed homes for resale. The community offers four types of attached homes, & even single-family homes which range in size from 1,833 to 2,335 square feet. These are up to 3,007 square feet, & the association cost will cover all the lawn moving fees.

There is an Olympic-sized pool, a spa and a sundeck. You can play tennis on one of two available courts, or head to the fishing lake. There’s also a dog park and walking trails for exercising your furry friends. Activities offered in the community include yoga, Zumba, a walking club and movie nights.

2.12. Bay Crossing’s:

Price range: $300k-$600k

Located east of Delaware’s Route 1 in Lewes, this community offers easy access to beach towns like Lewes and Rehoboth. The foundation was laid down by Pulte Homes and later was finished by Bleinheim Homes. Bay Crossings has both single-family homes available, ranging from 1,300 square feet to 2,381 square feet.

The heart of the community is its clubhouse as it has all the lively amenities settled inside of it. There is an acrobatics studio, a card, and crafts studio, a billiards table, and a table. outside you can sit by the pool, play tennis or even walk through a trail.

2.13. The Village at Red Mill Pond:

Price range: $300k-$600k

The community, which started in 2009 and is still undergoing construction by K. Horvanian and NV Homes, is made up of single-family homes. The Villages at Red Mill Pond is clearly designed with retirement in mind. It’s a resort-style community located around a lake in Lewes, meaning that fun outdoor activities like boating and kayaking are right there for your enjoyment. There’s also a trail that encircles the shore.

The heart of the community is its clubhouse which ranges to 6,000 square feet. There is an acrobatics studio, a card, and a crafts studio, there is also a Gazebo at the boat launch for gatherings and parties.

2.14. The Courtyards at Brandywines:

Price range: $400k-$500k

Built between 2009 and 2006 by McKee Builders, The Courtyards at Brandywine offers homes in six different architectural styles. The homes in the Wilmington-based community are energy-efficient and low-maintenance. The first floors have nine-foot-high ceilings. Kitchens feature granite countertops, maple cabinets and GE appliances.

The community offers a clubhouse with a catering kitchen and a gathering room. The clubhouse includes a fitness area with plenty of cardio and strength-training equipment. Additionally, The Courtyards at Brandywine has scenic ponds for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

2.15. Independence:

Price range: $400k-$700k

The Millsboro community, which started construction in 2007, is still under construction by Schell Brothers. There are 12 different home models available that range in size from 1,334 to 3,082 square feet. Homes have two to four bedrooms and some have attached garages and even bonus rooms above the garage for storage. Green options like solar panels and tankless water heaters are available.

The clubhouse at Independence has everything you could want. There is a fitness centre with an aerobics studio, an indoor pool with a sauna, a ballroom with a bar and a conference room. There are also computers and hobby rooms for small meetings or card games.

Outside, you can play tennis, volleyball or horseshoes. There’s even a putting green for working on your short game. You can take advantage of the outdoor pool and spa when you want aquatic exercise but the weather is just too nice to stay indoors.

2.3 Cultural, & Recreational Opportunities:

A seascape view at Cape Henlopen, Delaware in Lewes.
A seascape view at Cape Henlopen, Delaware in Lewes.

“Medicine, Law, Business, Engineering, these are noble pursuits necessary to sustain life, but poetry, beauty, love, romance these are what we stay alive for”. People, community, culture, & heritage, often inspire the land to become more habitable. In the end, you rekindle your moments with people. In Delaware, there are multiple occasions and locations where you can just live it for something exciting.

The State has a whooping 28 miles of beaches, and the waters of Delaware Bay end up with the Atlantic sea shells to create pearls of memories. From here, you can access multiple public beaches including Lewes Beach, Cape Henlopen State Park Public Beach, and Beach Plum Island Nature Preserve. That means plentiful opportunities to appreciate the natural beauty, you may rule your empire from your sand castles, or even have a walk-through of the beautiful beach with your better half.

Delaware is lush with green vegetation, & wildlife. It has 16 authority-controlled state parks for nature lovers, hiking, bike riding, hunting, & fishing, for someone with high testosterone, or who wants to just live it up with life. 

For someone who has an active interest in sports, it offers golf, advanced gyms, and tennis courts to blow some sweat. Summer concerts, hiking, and camping trips, hayrides, and historical demonstrations, to just probe you outside and live it up to the beauty.

Don’t get yourself fooled by high-tech architecture, & the modern lifestyle in Delaware. Every town has its charm, heritage, & beauty. Nassau’s Grove has vegetation, wildlife, and greenery to show. While Bay Crossing is famous for its trips, food, and lavish lifestyle. 

It all sums up to a better good when the stomach isn’t grumbling. Delaware is a heaven for foodies, and for people who are just curious about ‘nerd’ stuff, museums are quite the heartthrobs for the state. It hosts an annual culinary “coast” with incredible dining options many on the waterfront.

Delaware’s not just about kicking back on the beach (although there’s plenty of that too). Many communities cater to active adults with sparkling pools, tennis courts, and clubs for every hobby imaginable. These vibrant communities let you socialize, stay fit, and keep your spirit soaring.

  • Dedicated Senior Centers: Many communities have active senior centres offering social events, fitness classes, and sometimes even healthcare resources. These centres become hubs for connection and can help combat loneliness, a common concern for retirees.
  • Active Volunteer Networks: Delaware communities often have a strong volunteer culture. These networks connect retirees with opportunities to give back, share their skills, and stay engaged in the community.
  • Healthcare Options and Support: While healthcare specifics can vary, some communities may offer on-site clinics or partner with local healthcare providers to ensure easy access to medical services.
  • Transportation Assistance: Some communities organize volunteer driver programs or partner with public transportation options to ensure retirees can get where they need to go.
  • Meal Delivery Programs: Certain communities offer meal delivery services for homebound residents, promoting healthy eating and social interaction with volunteers who deliver the meals.
  • Emergency Support Systems: Some communities may have established buddy systems or check-in programs to ensure the well-being of residents, especially those living alone.

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2.4 Heart of Delaware: Beaches

Delaware Beach Retiring in Delaware
Delaware Beach

Delaware’s beaches are a popular summertime destination, offering a range of options for visitors. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly atmosphere, a lively party scene, or a peaceful getaway, there’s a Delaware beach perfect for you.

Here’s a quick rundown of some popular choices:

2.4.1 For Families:

  • Rehoboth Beach: This iconic beach town boasts a wide, sandy beach, a lively boardwalk with shops and restaurants, and plenty of family-friendly activities.
  • Bethany Beach: Known for its relaxed atmosphere and gentle waves, Bethany Beach is a great choice for families with young children.
  • Cape Henlopen State Park: This park offers beaches, along with historic sites, nature trails, and fishing opportunities, making it a great option for a day trip.

2.5. Climate of Delaware:

Delaware climate
Delaware climate

Delaware’s climate is like a warm hug with a side of rain. It’s not too hot, not too cold, but humid. Up north, near New Castle Airport, the average daily temperature hovers around 54°F (12°C). Think cool mornings and evenings, but things heat up in July with highs reaching around 86°F (30°C). Down south, it’s a couple of degrees warmer year-round, so if you love sunshine, that’s your spot.

Rain is a regular visitor, with August being the splashiest month, averaging about 5.5 inches (140 mm) of precipitation. February is the driest, with only about 3 inches (75 mm) on average. All in all, Delaware gets a good soaking each year, with an average of 45 inches (1,140 mm) of rain.

Normal Temperature 🌤️12*C
Extreme Temperature ☀️30*C
Temperate Temperature 🌦️-5*C

2.6. Proximity to major cities:

A heritage walk is always tougher than to return. You might have settled yourself a nice plan, budgeted it, and reimbursed it, but what if it is an extra mile away? What about the distance? Are the tickets available? My spreadsheet can help you. Here are the top spots from Delaware that are reachable.

Baltimore58 miles away
Washington90 miles away
Newark110 miles away
Jersey City114 miles away
New York115 miles away
Virginia Beach189 miles away
Norfolk192 miles away
Chesapeake198 miles away
Pittsburgh242 miles away
New Castle, DE20 miles away
Pennsville, NJ21 miles away
Wilmington Manor, DE18 miles away
Brookside, DE19 miles away
Elsmere, DE23 miles away
Middletown, DE23 miles away
Newark, DE14 miles away
Wilmington, DE11 miles away
Pike Creek, DE14 miles away
Edgemoor, DE23 miles away
Elkton, MD23 miles away
Claymont, DE22 miles away
Smyrna, DE9 miles away
Bridgeton, NJ21 miles away
Chester, PA18 miles away

3. Considering retirement? Delaware’s downsides to know.

3.1. Healthcare in Delaware:

Healthcare costs in Delaware are a bit of a mixed bag for retirees. On the one hand, a recent U.S. News & World Report ranked Delaware 21st for affordability, which means healthcare costs are a tad higher than the national average by about 12%. That might not sound ideal for retirees on a fixed income. But here’s the good news: Delaware also ranked 17th for healthcare access. So, while costs might be slightly higher, you shouldn’t have trouble finding the care you need.

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3.2 Limited Public Transportation:

If you’re driving through Delaware, most of the traffic is concentrated around Wilmington and its suburbs. There are also busy highways in the north that connect major cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. 

Delaware takes care of all the roads and bridges within its borders, including the local streets in towns. There’s even a special agency run by both Delaware and New Jersey that manages the twin bridges near New Castle and a ferry that takes you across the Delaware River to Cape May, New Jersey.

If you prefer trains, you can hop on a passenger line connecting Philadelphia and Baltimore that runs through Delaware. There’s also a freight train service available in certain areas. And in Wilmington, a public bus system helps you get around town. Wilmington itself is a big deal – it’s a major port on the Atlantic coast and boasts the state’s largest commercial airport.

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3.3 State Size and Urbanization:

Delaware went through a big transformation in the second half of the 1900s. City folks in Wilmington started moving to the suburbs. The beaches down by the Atlantic Ocean became popular with retirees and tourists, and new communities popped up to welcome them. Schools became more diverse thanks to court rulings, and the state legislature got a fairer shake in how many representatives each area got. Delaware showed it cared about the environment by passing a law in 1971 to keep heavy factories away from the coast. Credit card companies became the biggest employers, replacing chemical companies.

In terms of politics, Delaware is a good indicator of how the whole country will vote for president. But for local elections, people tend to pick whoever they think will do the best job, not just someone from a particular party. Delaware has sent some important people to Washington, like Republican Senator William Roth, who created the Roth IRA, and Democrat Joe Biden. And in 2001, Delaware became the first state with a woman governor, Ruth Ann Minner.


3.4. Increase in Population:

Despite being the second-smallest state in The United States, Delaware is surprisingly dense in population. It is 75% thicker than most of the state. If you are looking for some personal space and a sense of relaxation, you might be disappointed.

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4.1 Are there any taxes on retirement income in Delaware? 

A: Social Security taxes are exempted in Delaware. Exclusive amenities are amounting $12,500 as pensions.

4.2 Does Delaware impose sales tax?

A: No, Delaware is one of the states in the country which doesn’t impose sales tax.

4.3 How does the affordability of housing in Delaware compare to other states? 

A: certain prices of properties may vary on the bases of its location. But, generally, prices of models of homes, in Delaware are pretty low as compared to neighbouring states.

4.4 Are there any other factors related to the cost of living that I should take into account? 

A: Despite exemption in taxation, prices of accommodation and amenities, like groceries might be expensive to some individuals.

4.5 What kinds of activities are available for retirees in Delaware?

 A: Delaware is for the people who enjoy museums, beaches, nature and wildlife, boardwalks, individuals with wrinkles, and lots of love.

4.6 Are these cultural options or entertainment for retirees?

A: It is a small state but it has all the facilities to entertain our old folks. Maybe not as extensive as the big cities. But surely fun and fulfilling. 

4.7 is the quality of healthcare good in Delaware?

A: The policies regarding healthcare are often being discussed extensively in the office but although the quality of healthcare is fulfilling the bills might exhaust you, and your bank account.

Delaware is often a relaxed retirement designation for retirees. It is pocket-efficient, as it saves ample money by exempting sales, and taxes on land & accommodation. The settlement cost has always inspired new retirees to get comfortable in the foreign yet welcoming land. 

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” might be soon replaced by, (medical bills too expensive may keep the doctor away”. The medical bills might be depressing for your health as well as your pockets. Also, the population, the lack of transportation, and healthcare might be difficult to sustain within this coastal habitable state. 

In the end, Delaware is beautiful, cost-efficient, friendly in its nature, and pleasant with climate, and it has grown its love for the wrinkly people extensively for the past decade, and it may not stop soon.

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